How did it start?

This is just the first version of the new platform. There is still a lot to build like better search, filters and comparing. But I have to start somewhere, right?

What started as a collection of bookmarks in the browser with useful apps, has grown into a plan for a platform where entrepreneurs and employees of small to medium-sized companies can easily find the right apps, tools and software for their work.

Why appsforwork?

Finding the right software is difficult. More and more apps, functions and integrations are added daily. Many -marketing- websites are not clear and don’t show what the software really does. Many reviews on the -corporate- sites are paid…, so no honest reviews we think. That can be done differently.

What’s the plan?

appsforwork becomes a complete and transparent directory with all business apps, tools and software that are available. Smart but simple filters must make it possible to find the right software that meets the conditions for your work. And in the community all users and makers of apps can share their knowledge. Users can ask all their questions and share experiences. The makers can share advice, tips and tricks about their apps.

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